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Embraer’s Ft. Lauderdale facilities hosted the 4th ERJ 170/190 Advisory Board Meeting between June 15 – 17. The increasing importance of these meetings can be measured by the more than fourfold growth in airline participants since the first meeting. No less than 25 airline representatives and customers took part in the two-day long series of meetings that saw its many participants thoroughly examine a wide number of aspects related to the ERJ 170/190 program.

These meetings are an important asset to the ERJ 170/190 program, bringing together clients, prospective customers and risk-sharing partners. "The input provided by clients and prospective customers has proven to be an invaluable tool in refining aircraft design features, allowing us to tailor the ERJ 170/190 to meet market requirements", stated Luis Carlos Affonso, Director of the ERJ 170/190 Programs.

The new main cabin mock-up of the ERJ 170/190 was on display, allowing members of the Advisory Board invitees to see the new features and changes that were applied to the aircraft’s passenger cabin. While Embraer announced the introduction of winglets on the ERJ 170 and despite the challenges to be faced ahead by the Program Team, the Advisory Board’s findings showed that the program is adhering strictly to schedule.


Embraer has decided to fit winglets to the ERJ 170 regional jetliner, enhancing the aircraft’s already outstanding characteristics. Development work of this aerodynamic feature was one of the last items covered by the program’s Joint Definition Phase and is already implemented in the aircraft digital mockup.

Significant performance gains obtained by the introduction of winglets to the EMB 145 AEW&C aircraft encouraged Embraer to investigate and then incorporate this feature as a standard item on the ERJ 170 regional jetliner. The winglets improve fuel burn and climb capability, adding value to customers by increasing the ERJ 170’s range and payload as well as enhancing even more the aircraft’s already outstanding economics. Hot & High performance and obstacle clearance will also benefit from this new feature.

“Computer generated studies have indicated that the installation of winglets will provide a range enhancement on the order of 3% to 5% for the ERJ 170 at typical cruise speeds and gross weights,” stated Luis Carlos Affonso, Director of the ERJ 170/190 Programs. “The introduction of winglets on the ERJ 170 was a carefully considered step, generating higher revenue potential and lower operating costs,” he added.

The use of advanced tools such as computational fluid dynamics, digital mockup and virtual reality by Embraer and its partners allowed the introduction of winglets on the ERJ 170 without impact on the program’s development schedule or time to market.

The ERJ 170’s better range performance and improved economic characteristics have now led Embraer to further investigate the advantages of installing winglets on other members of its regional jet family.

Launched during the 1999 edition of the Paris Air Show, the ERJ 170 and ERJ 190 has already registered 325 firm orders and options from Switzerland’s Crossair, Regional Airlines of France and GE Capital Aviation Services. First flight of the ERJ 170 is scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2001, while the ERJ 190 should take off for the first time in mid 2003.

With headquarters in São José dos Campos, Brazil and subsidiaries and offices in the U.S, France, Australia and China, Embraer is a customer-oriented company with more than 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, selling and supporting aircraft for the world's commercial and defense markets. Founded in 1969, as a state owned company, Embraer was privatized in 1994 and employs more than 9,000 people. Embraer’s present backlog exceeds US$ 21 billion, of which US$ 8.6 billion are firm orders and US$ 12.4 billion are options. It is currently the fourth largest commercial aircraft manufacturer in the world and the largest exporter company in Brazil.

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